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Projecting Change Interview Series: Mark Brand

Two more nights of Projecting Change to GO! Which movies have you seen so far? Apart of our Projecting Change Interview Series, we had the chance to speak with restauranteur and the unofficial Mayor of Gastown, Mark Brand. Mark was so gracious to be one of our sponsors for PCFF’s closing night gala, which will be held at Portside Pub, following the screening of Girl Rising. Katie Schaeffers Schaeffers speaks to Mark about what it means to be a social entreprenuer and finds […]

Projecting Change Interview Series: Madeleine Shaw, Co-Founder of LunaPads

We speak to Madeleine Shaw, Co-Founder of LunaPads for the latest episode of the Projecting Change Interview Series. The Projecting Change Film Festival is fast approaching. Have you bought your tickets? Our Executive Director, Katie Schaeffers, speaks to Madeleine about how she started LunaPads and how her brand aims to empower women from all over the world. One of their initiative started in 2000 called Pads4Girls, committed to supporting the education (and therefore liberation) of girls. LunaPads does amazing things and definitely a change-maker […]

Projecting Change Interview Series: Annalea Krebs, Founder of ethicalDeal

This episode of Projecting Change Interview Series, we speak with Annalea Krebs, a social entrepreneur and Founder of ethicalDeal. At a time where daily deal sites like Groupon are being criticized for their ‘fad-like’ business model, Kreb is staying strong and consistently GREEN!  The mission of her business is to make greener choices more accessible to the mainstream. Kreb has come a long way from when she started EthicalDeal in 2010, with $75,000 from various grants. That’s why we are chatting with […]

Projecting Change Interview Series: Katie Schaeffers, Executive Director PCFF

Projecting Change Film Festival is fast approaching. Have you seen our film line-up? We are so excited to share with you the series of films we’ll be presenting. After you listen to our interview with PCFF’s executive director, Katie Schaeffers, click on the “schedule” tab and start bookmarking all the films you want to watch. Now, click the play button and listen to our latest Projecting Change Interview Series with Katie as she speaks about of this year’s film line […]

Projecting Change Interview Series: Jeff Topham, Documentary filmmaker, Liberia ’77

Jeff Topham is a documentary filmmaker based in Vancouver, Canada. His recent film, Liberia 77, follows the journey of himself and his brother returning to Liberia after 30 years and two civil wars. Both grew up in Liberia during the 1970s and in that time, they enjoyed the jungle adventures, the beautiful beaches and even had a pet chimp. What inspired Jeff to travel back to a country that is far different than he knew while growing up?Projecting Change’s Executive […]