What people say about PCFF? Testimonial from John Hunter

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Independent filmmaker Chris Farina, of World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements and I had the great good fortune of being a kick-off speaker for the Project Change Film Festival in Vancouver in 2012.

What took us both by surprise was the breadth and depth of the community, business, arts and social networks and resources flowing seamlessly together. Throughout the festival unusual, seemingly contrarian, and muscularly innovative partnerships and synergies kept emerging, swinging into action, or branching off into yet another avenue of creative reinvention of old forms and ideas, all for a new way forward. What made me so curious was how so many apparent Bodhisattvas and saints, all working for the common good, could be gathered all in one place! How could so many disparate individuals and organizations simply decide to stage, cause, and ultimately do so much good?? I’ll say this, we both can’t wait to get back to Vancouver to see what long-term effects, what real and substantial good Projecting Change brings about….for us all.

~John Hunter, Musician, teacher, filmmaker, game designer, and inventor of World Peace Games

Check out his TEDtalk, Teaching with the World Peace Game

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