This year’s Projecting Change opens with a film that tracks the evolution of the biggest participatory art project in the world, INSIDE OUT. This film has already inspired many Vancouverites to share their portraits in a stance to reveal their untold stories; and will continue to do so as more and more locals are touched by the project. Take a look at INSIDE OUT coming to life in Vancouver:

PCFF Film Feature Series: Watermark

In this film feature series, we’ll be discussing one of the most thought-provoking documentaries of 2013, Watermark. The film has been making waves and garnering praise at award shows and in the media; even lauded as New York Times’ Critics’ Pick. Watermark, a feature documentary directed by Canadian filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal and renowned photographer Edward Burtynsky, is a stunning tale of 20 diverse stories from 10 different countries surrounding one common topic: water. This film walks to all edges of the globe to […]


This year, we have a variety of films with something for everyone. In a feature blog series, we’ll be highlighting the festival’s documentaries to whet your appetite about what to expect at Projecting Change. The first movie we want to talk about is the transcendent documentary, Maidentrip. A real life coming-of-age story, Maidentrip follows 14-year-old Laura Dekker’s life as she becomes the youngest person ever to sail around the world alone. Her two-year journey is captured in film with moments of her highs […]

Projecting Change Interview Series: Mark Brand

Two more nights of Projecting Change to GO! Which movies have you seen so far? Apart of our Projecting Change Interview Series, we had the chance to speak with restauranteur and the unofficial Mayor of Gastown, Mark Brand. Mark was so gracious to be one of our sponsors for PCFF’s closing night gala, which will be held at Portside Pub, following the screening of Girl Rising. Katie Schaeffers Schaeffers speaks to Mark about what it means to be a social entreprenuer and finds […]

What people say about PCFF? Testimonial from John Hunter

Independent filmmaker Chris Farina, of World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements and I had the great good fortune of being a kick-off speaker for the Project Change Film Festival in Vancouver in 2012. What took us both by surprise was the breadth and depth of the community, business, arts and social networks and resources flowing seamlessly together. Throughout the festival unusual, seemingly contrarian, and muscularly innovative partnerships and synergies kept emerging, swinging into action, or branching off into yet […]

Projecting Change Interview Series: Madeleine Shaw, Co-Founder of LunaPads

We speak to Madeleine Shaw, Co-Founder of LunaPads for the latest episode of the Projecting Change Interview Series. The Projecting Change Film Festival is fast approaching. Have you bought your tickets? Our Executive Director, Katie Schaeffers, speaks to Madeleine about how she started LunaPads and how her brand aims to empower women from all over the world. One of their initiative started in 2000 called Pads4Girls, committed to supporting the education (and therefore liberation) of girls. LunaPads does amazing things and definitely a change-maker […]

Projecting Change Interview Series – Michelle Lazar, Brand Experience Leader of imagine1day

This episode of Projecting Change Series, we interview Michelle Lazar, Brand Experience Leader of imagine1day. Interested in organizations that empower change? Look no further than imagine1day, a dynamic non-profit organization of change makers supporting quality education in Ethiopia. imagine1day has a goal to provide all Ethiopians with access to quality education funded free of foreign aid by 2030. How do they plan on achieving this goal? They’ve designed an innovative fundraising movement called Creatribution (hard to say, easy to do). It encourages the […]

What are people say about PCFF? Testimonial from Chris Farnia

The Projecting Change Film Festival was one of my favorite festival experiences from traveling with “World Peace and other 4th-Grade Achievements”.  The staff and audiences were truly engaged and positive, their spirit was infectious.  There was a sincere openness to exploring media as a means to bring about positive change in the world.  What makes me curious are the stories of others, particularly the stories of unsung people often neglected by media attention, who on a daily basis make our […]

Katie Schaeffers & PCFF is featured in Huffington Post Canada

Our amazingly talented Executive Director and Curator, Katie Schaeffers, is featured in today’s The Huffington Post Canada. She talks on how she got the best job in the world, PLUS read her advice to people who long to live the Life Out Loud! READ HERE: http://ow.ly/jzNrs

Projecting Change Interview Series: Annalea Krebs, Founder of ethicalDeal

This episode of Projecting Change Interview Series, we speak with Annalea Krebs, a social entrepreneur and Founder of ethicalDeal. At a time where daily deal sites like Groupon are being criticized for their ‘fad-like’ business model, Kreb is staying strong and consistently GREEN!  The mission of her business is to make greener choices more accessible to the mainstream. Kreb has come a long way from when she started EthicalDeal in 2010, with $75,000 from various grants. That’s why we are chatting with […]