Projecting Change Interview Series: Alex Mazerolle, Founder of Girlvana

For this episode of Projecting Change Interview Series, we chat with Alex Mazerolle, Founder of Girlvana. Alex is definitely a change-maker and extremely loved and admired in her community. She founded a powerful organization, Girlvana, with the intention to empower teen girls and young women with the tools for higher living and learning. Alex combines her passion for yoga and meditation with the love for fashion and healthy living while providing a space to empower young women. Her presence articulates the […]

PCFF partners with Uncharted Play to screen Kicking It

Play soccer and produce energy. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, the team at Uncharted Play turned this concept into a reality. They created the SOCCKET ball (which actually does looks like a soccer ball) generates energy as you play the sport We are honored to partner with Uncharted Play for the opening night of Projecting Change Film Festival on April 24. In case you were wondering how the SOCCKET works, it’s a portable generator. The internal mechanism takes the energy […]

Today is World Water Day – How will you take part?

Today is the 20th anniversary of World Water Day. Many of us forget how lucky we are to have easy access to water for drinking, washing dishes and laundry, taking a dip into the pool, or just enjoying a long hot shower. We must truly appreciate the gifts that nature has provided us but also be aware of how you can take action to preserve our most valuable resource. In addition, World Water Day brings the awareness that 800 million […]

World Wildlife Fund awards Vancouver as the Global Earth Hour Capital 2013

Congratulations to Vancouver for being awarded the Global Earth Hour Capital in 2013 by World Wildlife Fund. This is a huge step forward for Vancouver to become the world’s greenest city. Andrea Reimer, city councillor, accepted the award this past Tuesday at a ceremony in Malmo, Sweden. Vancouver trumped five other finalists including cities in India, Italy, the United States, Sweden and Norway. Jim Leape, Director General of WWF-International, states “Vancouver can serve as a role model for how cities […]

Projecting Change Interview Series: Katie Schaeffers, Executive Director PCFF

Projecting Change Film Festival is fast approaching. Have you seen our film line-up? We are so excited to share with you the series of films we’ll be presenting. After you listen to our interview with PCFF’s executive director, Katie Schaeffers, click on the “schedule” tab and start bookmarking all the films you want to watch. Now, click the play button and listen to our latest Projecting Change Interview Series with Katie as she speaks about of this year’s film line […]

Projecting Change Interview Series: Jeff Topham, Documentary filmmaker, Liberia ’77

Jeff Topham is a documentary filmmaker based in Vancouver, Canada. His recent film, Liberia 77, follows the journey of himself and his brother returning to Liberia after 30 years and two civil wars. Both grew up in Liberia during the 1970s and in that time, they enjoyed the jungle adventures, the beautiful beaches and even had a pet chimp. What inspired Jeff to travel back to a country that is far different than he knew while growing up?Projecting Change’s Executive […]

Filmmaker Profile: Jeff Topham and Melanie Wood, Liberia ‘77

For Canadian brothers Jeff and Andrew Topham, growing up in Liberia in the 1970s was idyllic – jungle adventures, endless beaches, and even a pet chimp.  They discovered their love for photography early on from their father who took countless photographs documenting his family’s life, and unknowingly, a history of a nation that would soon be nearly destroyed. Jeff and Andrew returned to Liberia in 2010 for the first time in 30 years, to retrace the story, and indeed retake […]

Sponsor Profile: LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

When we think of LUSH Cosmetics, we think of organic ingredients, handmade bubble bars, and candlelit baths, and with LUSH’s commitment to look after the world we live in, we couldn’t be happier to welcome them back as a sponsor for the 2012 Projecting Change Film Festival. We’re sure you’ve all had a LUSH Bath Bomb fizzling in your tub, but have you ever taken a peek at their We Believe statements or their Green Policy? You’ll appreciate that sweet […]

Sponsor Profile: Vancity does it green

It’s our sponsors that truly make our film festival happen, and we’re excited to share with you how Vancity is involved with the Projecting Change Film Festival this year. Banking makes the world go round. We couldn’t do without it if we tried. So why wouldn’t we want to pick a bank that keeps our world healthy? With over 479,500 members entrusting them with $16.1 billion of assets, Vancity is Canada’s largest credit union. All you have to do is […]

Join us for Opening Night, featuring TED2011 speaker John Hunter

PCFF 2012 is a month away, and we’ve just launched our 2012 schedule.  We’re so excited about the diverse group of films and speakers we’ll be showcasing. On Opening Night (April 17th) we’re featuring the award-winning film, World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements, featuring TED2011 speaker, John Hunter.  World Peace interweaves the story of John, a school teacher from Virginia with his student’s participation in a game he created called the World Peace Game.  The game triggers an eight […]