Tokens of Appreciation

Purchase your Token of Appreciation to provide access to the festival experience to others – we believe in the power of sharing!

Tokens of Appreciation

By purchasing a Token, you are not buying yourself a ticket to the festival (but we hope you’ll do that too now that tickets have gone on sale!). Instead, you’re donating to a unique fundraising campaign that helps to provide a festival experience to someone in our community. Plus, your name will be etched into the tokens you purchase in recognition of your contribution. These tokens are then used in place of tickets during the Festival.

1. Your Donation

Support the festival and give access to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend. THEY WIN

2. Your Recognition

Every donor will have their name emblazoned on a token, indicating your support of the festival.

3. Your Support Of The Community

Each token is made by Tradeworks, a training and employment center in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.