What are you doing this Saturday?

Hello local-change-projecting-documentary-loving-blog-readers it’s Amy.  I’m the newest member of the Projecting Change Film Festival social media team: an aspiring change-maker, food security advocate, a sometimes artist/writer, and an always feline friend. I’m one of many whose curiosity can take me in several directions all at once and perhaps one of a few – for the time being – who is absolutely mad about soil and seeds, and the intersection of geography and psychology.

This Saturday (with much enthusiasm) I will be speaking about seed saving and seed sovereignty at The Great Turning Unconference. I was originally approached by Maureen Jack-LaCroix, producer of The Great Turning and executive director of Be the Change Earth Alliance, through a personal connection at Village Vancouver.  I have to admit that I feel incredibly honoured to present alongside many of my Village Vancouver colleagues (most of whom I’ve never met) like Ann Pacey who will be talking about emergency preparedness, Jordan Bober on community currencies, and beekeeper extraordinaire Anna Chase. Others inspiring speakers who will be speaking at the unconference include Vancouver Deputy Mayor Andrea Reimer, Ben West of the Wilderness Committee, author and environmental designer David Tracey, Tara Mahoney and Fiona Rayher of Gen Why Media and Ajay Puri of RangiChangi Roots. A star-studded cast to be sure.

Ajay Masala Puri, Rangi Changi Roots: Bringing Color to the Green Movement

If you’ve ever wanted to connect with motivated like-minded others – change agents – who are actively working to build sustainable and resilient communities, then you will want to be at The Great Turning Unconference.  Over 40 community leaders will be presenting on topics in three areas – Action, Innovation, and Consciousness – in roundtable discussions with 8 to 10 participants each. From the Alberta tar sands, the Gateway project, and oil tankers on the BC coast to our reliance on plastic, urban beekeeping, and community storytelling, this full-day event is sure to engage participants not only in thinking about how to make the changes they want to see in the world, but in taking collective action to create innovative ways of negotiating the complex world we live in.

Following The Great Turning Unconference, leaders from Village Vancouver, the Wilderness Committee, and What’s Your Tree will offer their support – workshops, materials, dialogue, and so on – to help keep participants engaged in the projects that matter to them.

The Projecting Change crew will be at the Great Turning Unconference set up with a booth and camera – be sure to drop by to say “hello” and let us know how you are projecting change!

You’ll leave feeling inspired having connected on issues and ideas that resonate with other change agents, but not only that, you’ll be encouraged to collaborate, organize, and work towards moving your cause(s) forward in a creative, intelligent, and sustainable manner. This is definitely not an event to be missed! Grab your tickets at http://thegreatturning2011.eventbrite.com/

See you there!
- Amy @pcffVancouver @amyyyyyt
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  1. rebecca says:

    Great blog Amy! I LOVE ‘food security advocates’