Talking Greenest City With Andrea Reimer

If you are a regular attendee of Green events in Vancouver than you have probably bumped into Andrea Reimer. Andrea was elected to Vancouver City Council in 2008 after serving as a Vancouver School Board Trustee (2002-2005). Andrea was the first councilor to be elected in Canada under the Green Party banner and has continued to be an advocate for Green ever since.

I’ve seen Andrea speak at a number of different events from The Great Turning Unconference to a recent encounter at Epic The Vancouver Sun Sustainable Living Expo – she has been a continual force and inspiration driving Vancouvers Green initiatives.


If you didn’t know that as a Vancouverite you can boast that you live in the city with the smallest carbon footprint in North America, or that we (Vancouverites) are considered leaders in green building planning and technology than you should definitely check out some more info on the Greenest City 2020. Vancouver is heading towards green greatness with a goal to be the greenest city in the world by 2020.

Once again, incredibly proud to be a Vancouverite!

Rebecca – @rebeccaapeel

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