Tokens of Appreciation campaign launches

We’ve just launched a new fundraising campaign to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Projecting Change Film Festival. It’s called Tokens of Appreciation, and its mission is to provide access to the festival experience to people in our community.

Why tokens? No paper, no tickets, no printing. Instead we give each festival attendee a token they trade for entrance to the theater at each screening.

By purchasing a Token, you are not buying yourself a ticket to the festival (but we hope you’ll do that too when tickets go on sale March 15!). Instead, you’re donating to a unique fundraising campaign that helps to provide a festival experience to someone in our community. Plus, your name will be etched into the token (or tokens!) you purchase in recognition of your contribution. These tokens are then used in place of tickets during the Festival. See? Full circle!

The coolest part? The Token are made by Tradeworks, a training and employment center in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. At Projecting Change we’re all about involving the community, providing sustainable opportunities for success, and affecting change wherever we can.

Hope you’ll join the Tokens of Appreciation legacy and purchase one today!

Click here for the details and to donate (or as we like to call it the WIN WIN WIN WIN).

How it works: (or the WIN WIN WIN WIN)

1. Your Donation: Support the festival and give access to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend. They win.
2. Your Recognition: Every donor will have their name emblazoned on a token, indicating your support of the festival. The Festival Wins.
3. Your Chance to Win: We’ll do a fantastic raffle prize draw at the end of the festival. You win.
4. Your Support of the Community: Each token is make by Tradeworks, a training and employment center in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. The community wins.

Token levels

3 levels of donation:

$5 – helps a student attend our Youth Day Program – Click to donate
$10 – helps an adult attend the festival – Click to donate
$50 – helps a young filmmaker attend the documentary workshop – Click to donate

Thanks for your support!

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