Introducing “Global Sorority” by the Passion Foundation

Guest Blog by:  Loretta Cella, Founder, The Passion Foundation

With International Women’s Day here, and so many amazing stories being told of women young and old, it gives us a wonderful opportunity to re-engage and align from a place of change.

Passion Foundation

There is a remarkable trend amongst global organizations who are focusing on a more positive gender balance for a better tomorrow. Women and men around the globe are now understanding how a dynamic shift in the way women lead, will not only help hold up our communities, but bring new energy to our planet.

It’s encouraging to see so many people support this movement, not necessarily from a feminist approach, but more from a place of oneness.

This is why the Passion Foundation (a.k.a me and all the amazing people supporting us) is so excited about the opportunity to partner with the Projecting Change Film Festival.

As a young female entrepreneur and fellow change maker, who has worked in human services for over a decade (12 years to be exact) I’ve had the honour of moving along side some really exciting individuals and organizations. At the end of this month I am continuing this trend by embarking on a journey! We’re setting out to ask young women from continents far and wide, about their roles in leadership, their dreams and their challenges. We are going ask about their views on what shifts they think need to happen, not just in their communities and countries but within themselves. Our goal is to document their answers and figure out how we might connect and assist each other as we move toward this brighter future of equality and balance.

Over the next two years, we will be going into communities in various parts of the world, to hear the trials and triumphs of young women and their views on how they will make an impact on the world around them. The Projecting Change Film Festival will assist us in getting this series out to our communities.

In addition, I am thrilled to be part of this year’s PCFF, facilitating discussions around the documentary Miss Representation.

To help make this all happen, we’ve launched the Global Sorority project on Kickstarter! We only have a week left to reach our set goal, and we need everyone’s support to reach it. So please act now! Visit our project page

The more dialogue that happens, the more connections are made, the more we will all have a better world to live in.

See you at PCFF 2012!

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