World Wildlife Fund awards Vancouver as the Global Earth Hour Capital 2013

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Congratulations to Vancouver for being awarded the Global Earth Hour Capital in 2013 by World Wildlife Fund. This is a huge step forward for Vancouver to become the world’s greenest city. Andrea Reimer, city councillor, accepted the award this past Tuesday at a ceremony in Malmo, Sweden.

Vancouver trumped five other finalists including cities in India, Italy, the United States, Sweden and Norway.

Jim Leape, Director General of WWF-International, states “Vancouver can serve as a role model for how cities can engage residents in these efforts, thereby accelerating the transition towards low carbon development. I applaud Vancouver’s vision and innovation. More cities everywhere need to find inspiration in the bold initiatives of Vancouver and the other finalists and build on them, bringing climate action at the scale and speed necessary to secure sustainable, attractive lifestyles for people across the planet.”

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