Today is World Water Day – How will you take part?

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Today is the 20th anniversary of World Water Day. Many of us forget how lucky we are to have easy access to water for drinking, washing dishes and laundry, taking a dip into the pool, or just enjoying a long hot shower.

We must truly appreciate the gifts that nature has provided us but also be aware of how you can take action to preserve our most valuable resource. In addition, World Water Day brings the awareness that 800 million people are stilling without access to clean water.

How can you take part?

Follow #WorldWaterDay on your favorite social media channel and join in on the conversation.

Ask yourself, how can you make subtle changes in your household to save from wasting water?

Check out this great blog post on Water – Use it Wisely, to find out 100 ways to conserve. There are so many ways to save, though this list is a good place to start, please let us if you other great ideas. created a campaign called #20Days Countdown to show that in investment in water and sanitation can be the beginning of a better world. They also produced this beautiful video for World Water Day.

Watch here – ‘Water is just the beginning’

Stay tuned on how charity:water builds an art installation in Time Square between 2pm – 7pm EST. For more details, click here.

Happy World Water Day!

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