PCFF partners with Uncharted Play to screen Kicking It

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Play soccer and produce energy. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, the team at Uncharted Play turned this concept into a reality. They created the SOCCKET ball (which actually does looks like a soccer ball) generates energy as you play the sport

We are honored to partner with Uncharted Play for the opening night of Projecting Change Film Festival on April 24. In case you were wondering how the SOCCKET works, it’s a portable generator. The internal mechanism takes the energy from rolling and converts plus stores it as electrical energy. After the game is finished, the product comes with a single-bulb LED lamp that can be plugged into the ball to provide light for hours. That’s genius.

For the love of soccer and SOCCKET, we’ll be screening the documentary film Kicking It, which is about the Homeless World Cup.

The film examines six homeless men from around the world who love to play soccer. These individuals were from Ireland, Spain, Kenya, Russia, Iraq, and the United States, and the film examines their daily struggles and challenges, as well looks at how this sport has changed them for the better and provided hope.

Homeless World Cup is an annual international football competition for the homeless, and was founded in 2003 in Austria. This World Cup is composed of 48 teams of 500 homeless individuals gathered to compete. Kicking It was filmed in 2006, when the tournament was hosted in Cape Town, South Africa. Actor Colin Farrell narrated the film and it was released in 2008.

While David Beckham might not be making an appearance at the festival, we’ll have Vancouver’s Mayor Gregor Robertson in attendance, as he’s a huge supporter of the Street Soccer League.

For more info about Uncharted Play check out www.soccket.com.

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